How To Safely Buy Concert Tickets

How To Safely Buy Concert Tickets

How to find rare tickets to popular events, buy them cheaper, and what can never be done with an electronic ticket? 

Look for tickets on different ticket aggregators

At first glance, this advice may seem very commonplace. But remember, when was the last time you compared ticket prices at different ticket companies? Most likely, you went to one major site, saw that all tickets were sold out, and left with sadness. Now you can buy concert tickets online now.

If this is a trendy untwisted event, then it is quite possible that everything has already been bought up. However, most often this is not so. There are tickets, but they are usually not evenly distributed across multiple ticket sites. It’s almost like in the 90s when all the tickets were still paper and sold only at city box offices. And if there was no suitable ticket at one ticket office, it was necessary to go around several in order to get the desired place for the premiere.

The ticket became electronic, but the principle has not changed. In professional language, such a ticket allocation scheme is called a “quota model”. Therefore, on different sites, you can see different places in the hall, available for purchase, and sometimes at different prices.

Keep in mind that usually on the website of the event itself there is information about which ticket partners the organizer collaborates with. And then it will make your search a little easier. In any case, be prepared to spend your precious time on it.

Buy a ticket as early as possible

Many event organizers today put up for sale tickets in limited series – releases. With each release, the ticket price rises. The earliest tickets are called Early Bird – they cost the least. The closer to the event, the higher the price. In practice, tickets at the start of sales can be bought several times cheaper than they will cost on the eve or on the day of the event.

Therefore, if you want to save money, follow the pages of events or stars on social networks so as not to miss the announcement of early sales.

Do not buy electronic tickets on hand

Social networks and classified sites are full of offers for the sale of both paper and electronic tickets. In theory, this can save money, but in practice it is dangerous. Fraudsters complain that for various reasons they can’t go to the event, and therefore are simply forced to sell tickets at such an attractive price. In some cases, they sell fake tickets, in others – real ones, but to several people at once.

Especially be careful when you go to a concert of your favourite band abroad and do not want to spoil the trip, having learned at the entrance that the ticket is invalid.

  • The only advice that can help you if you still decide to trust a stranger and buy a ticket from hand is to come to the event in advance. So you can check the ticket for authenticity or be the first to present it at the entrance.

Now there are services that seek to make the process of buying tickets from hand the most transparent. The seller receives his money only after the event takes place. But no one gives a 100% guarantee.

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