4 Types of Dancers to Hire for Parties

4 Types of Dancers to Hire for Parties

Dancers can provide unique and captivating entertainment for many events, from cocktail parties to birthday parties. Dance acts have become increasingly popular since being featured on TV shows like “Dancing With the Stars” and “America’s Got Talent.” As the Los Angeles Times reports, the Internet has been playing a big part in helping nontraditional talent break into the industry, which also makes it easier than ever to book all sorts of acts, including many dancers for hire that can easily be booked for a party.

Of course, there are many different types of dancers too. When making your decision, be sure to consider the space you have available as the dancer or dance troupe will have different requirements – for example, a solo belly dancer doesn’t require near as much space as a troupe with a lot of showgirls. These four types of dancers provide a variety of the best options that are guaranteed to make for a memorable event.

Belly Dancers

Booking a belly dancer is a great option for adding a touch of exotic beauty and unforgettable entertainment to your party, particularly when you don’t have a lot of space. These dancers know how to navigate small or awkward spaces gracefully and effortlessly. They use their stomach muscles to perform a skilled, mesmerizing dance wearing colorful costumes that dazzle the eyes. This type of dancer represents an ancient art form that dates back thousands of years in the Middle East while also encouraging more audience participation that gets your guests up and moving. 

Fire Dancers

Fire dancers are sure to astound your guests, an ideal option that can transform an average party into the social event of the year. They’re a great choice for a Hawaiian-themed party or a beach party, with a variety of options available, from poi dancing performers with rhythmic flames to fire eaters. Just be advised that anything involving fire comes with some risk, so when researching, be sure to find out how much space the dancers will need and if they require a special type of floor or anything else. 


If you’re planning a party with a Vegas or casino-style theme, there may be no better choice than showgirl dancers. These gorgeous and talented women can create the atmosphere you’re looking for, adding glamour and sophistication to your event, with their stunning costumes complete with feathers and sequins, along with those impressive moves. 

Flamenco Dancers

Flamenco is a beautiful art, a Spanish type of dance that typically involves dancers who present an emotional performance using authentic flamenco dresses, castanets, and fans, set to guitar music. These are passionate performers who bring the Spanish culture to life. If you want a vibrant act to liven up your party, impressing your guests with their dramatic routines with stamping footwork and those swishing red and black skirts, Flamenco is sure to do just that. Depending on your location, you might find everything from solo artists to dance troupes who perform with live guitarists.

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